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Most Popular Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients - February 2017

We, Gift Desires, believe in serving our Customers in Best possible way. Hence we try to innovate products, which will help our Customers. Whether it is Corporate Gifts for Employees or Corporate Gifts for Clients, it is always a difficult task to pick up right Corporate Gifts. We always wonder what to offer next. This is a crucial decision, because it is attached to image of Company.

To help our Customers to take right decision, we provide Corporate Gift Trends. This is a unique service, provided by us. These Corporate Gift Trends are derived through complex algorithm on our website. Every month, thousands of Customers visit our website. With user activity on our website, we derive these Gift Trends, to let you know which products are famous among Customers. It lets you know which Corporate Gifts are trending and which Corporate Gifts are being bought by Companies.

So, let us look at what was trending in the month of February 2017.


Diary and Calendars

We are very much surprised to have this Category as No. 1 Corporate Gift, even in the month of February. This is exceptional situation. However when we looked closer in the data, we realized that it is the demand in first half of February, which is pulling this category to the Top. Data from second half of the month, clearly suggests that this category is now lagging in demand, and for the reason everyone knows. This category is in demand only in the end of the year, where every corporate wants to offer Diary and Calendars to their Employees and Clients. We talked about the exceptional situation in our last 2 blogs
We had seen late demand for New Year Diary, Business Organizer and Table Calendars. Overall, this category saw 21% demand throughout all the Corporate Gifts. This is surprisingly significant demand number for this product during this month. New Year Executive Diary and Table Calendars saw demand of 92% within the Product category. New Year Executive Diary, Table Calendars and Business Organizer are the Best Corporate Gifts; one can give towards end of the year. These products are very useful to everyone. With these Gifts, Your brand is visible across the year, to your Employees and Clients. 

Office Utilities

Office Utilities were the closest Second Most Popular Gifts for Corporate in February 2017. It continued to remain at 2nd spot. This category saw 20% demand in overall Corporate Gifts. Demand for this category continue to grow. Corporate Gift Hampers continued to remain the leader in this category, with 64% demand in this category. Corporate Gift Hampers have consistently continued to remain on Top. Corporate Gift Sets are the Best Corporate Gifts. This is All time favorite product in Corporate Gifting, among Companies. Corporate Gift Hampers are pretty handy for Gifting. It offers the convenience of 'Pick and Gift'. Its attractive packaging makes it more compelling. Since these Gift Hampers are made up of Utility products, it is very useful for the recipient. It provides a crucial “Touchpoint” for your Brand Marketing and Brand Engagement with your Employees as well as Clients, for a longer period. This makes Corporate Gift Hamper, the first choice for Corporate Gifting. This was followed by Desktop items like Desktop Card Holders, Promotional Pen, Pen Stand, Table Clock, Mobile Stand and Photo Frames. All these desktop items, together contributed to 30% of total category demand. Key Chains, Pens and Visiting Card Holders also saw some interests by Customers.


Electronics continues to be on Top 3 Corporate Gifts month after month.  We expect this to improve this further over next few months. This category commanded 16% of overall demand for Corporate Gifts. Custom Power Banks were No. 1 in this category, with 28% of overall demand of the category. Credit Card Pen Drive was pushed to No. 2 position with 23% of overall demand within this category. Credit Card Pen Drive are very good Promotional Gifts which can be offered to Employees as well as Customers. Companies prefer it as it offers huge space for branding. You can print multi color logo of your Company or Product. At the same time, it offers great utility to the user. This means this product will never be away from the sight of the user. In turn, your brand is constantly visible to its users. Other types of Pen Drives, like Customized Pen Drives, Twister Pen Drive, etc, were also in demand. Put together, it contributed to 20% of the overall demand in this category. Promotional Power Banks are Best product for Brand Promotion. Given increase in usage of electronic gadgets, demand for Power Bank has only increased in past couple of years.

Other notable Corporate Gift categories which saw significant demand, are Home Care products, Bags, Polo T-Shirts with Company Logo, Awards, Silver Coated Corporate Gifts and Corporate Chocolate Gifts.

Top 5 Corporate Gift Items in February 2017

Corporate Gift Hampers are all time favorite Corporate Gifts among our Customers. Corporate Gift Hampers stood at No. 1 in terms of Popularity of Corporate Gifts, during February 2017. Corporate Gift Hampers are packs of Assorted Gifts which are specially made for corporate world. All gifts are picked and chose basis the usage to Office Employees and Clients. These come in very attractive Gift packing so it is very handy to 'Pick and Gift'. There are multiple products in one Corporate Gift Hamper, which are usually pre-selected, so companies should not worry about making a special gift themselves. This makes Corporate Gift Hampers most famous among Customers. While Corporate Gift Hamper is famous throughout the year, it is being most sought during festive seasons like Diwali and New Year. Corporate Gift Hampers are also popular Corporate Gifts during Corporate events like meetings, celebrations, etc.  Corporate Gift Hampers offer many advantages. With Corporate Gift Hampers, you can give multiple Gifts to your Clients in one go. Corporate Gift Hamper comes in attractive packaging. This means that you can offer Corporate Gifts to your Clients without any further Gift packaging. Corporate Gift Hampers are Best Corporate Gifts you can offer to your Clients, Employees and Office Staff.

New Year Diary was the 2nd preferred choice in Corporate Gifts. It was quite unusual to have this product on top in the month of February. However closer look to the data suggested that this product was in demand till Mid February and then it faded substantially. There was late demand for this product because of shortage of money due to demonetization in India. Since New Year Diaries have great utility, Companies could not shy away for opting it during this season. New Year Diary is usually offered towards the end of the year, as a New Year Corporate Gift, by many companies. New Year Diary is a great Gifts for Corporate Clients and Gifts for Corporate Employees. New Year Diary is being used by almost every corporate citizen. New Year Diary offers the great opportunity for branding as well as personalization. You can print your company logo on New Year Diary. It is used throughout the year and hence branding on Diaries will be seen through the year. New Year Diary also offers a big place for branding. You can also insert additional promotional pages inside the New Year Diary. Hence New Year Diary are the best New Year Gift given by companies to their employees and Clients. New Year Diary also offers an option to print individual names. This means you can offer New Year Diary with recipient's name, which will make sure that this will be used by the recipient himself. Personal names carry a lot of value and hence New Year Diary with Name is excellent New Year Gift. New Year Diary is usually affordable and cheap. It will fit all the budgets. Since it offers a great utility to the individuals, it is the most common and famous New Year Gift across the world.

Table Calendars came out to be No. 3 Corporate Gift during this month. Again, a surprise package like New Year Diary. However as explained above, we are not expecting it to be a top product henceforth. Table Calendar showed late demand due to cash crunch because of demonetization in India. Table Calendars are the great promotional product during New Year. Table Calendar offers numerous options of customization, which makes it the most popular promotional product. You can give any design, shape, photo to your Table Calendar and make it unique to your company. Table Calendar offers thousands of options for customization. Table Calendar is being used by almost every individual. Table Calendar is very handy. Table Calendar can carry lot of beautiful photographs. Table Calendars are found on almost all office desks as well as home desks. Table Calendars are small and portable. Table Calendars are being used by most of the people. Table Calendars also offer great opportunity for brand promotion. Hence Table Calendars are very famous among companies. Companies like it the most and offer it to their Employees and Clients. Table Calendars are also cost efficient, which means it will fit all budgets. Table Calendars can also be personalized, which means you can print name of the recipient of these Table Calendars, as everyone likes their name the most. Because of all these reasons, Table Calendars are a great tool for brand promotion. Hence Table Calendars are a big hit with companies.

Customised Power Banks stood at No. 4 among all Corporate Gifts. Demand for Power Banks have picked up substantially in past 1 month and it has beaten Credit Card Pen Drive who was leader for last few months. Customised Power Banks are Best Promotional Products. In today's world, we are surrounded by many electronic gadgets. These electronic gadgets need power from time to time. These products are mobile, which you can carry from one place to another very easily and comfortably. Products like iPad, Mobile Phones, Tabs, etc. are very useful in our day to day life. These gadgets make our work easy. It connects us to the world with ease while we are on the Go. While doing so, these gadgets consume power. Hence there is a need of portable charger to keep these gadgets ON all the time. Hence Custom Power Banks have become very useful. Customized Power Banks are handy and can be carried easily. Customized Power Banks are very useful to recharge these gadgets. It ensures that our work does not get hampered because of these gadgets running out of power. In today's world, use of Customized Power Bank has become necessary and important for every individual. This has made Power Bank a very good Corporate Gift. Companies also use Promotional Power Banks as a powerful tool for Brand Promotions. Promotional Power Banks have become very famous Promotional Product among company now a day, because of the possibility of logo printing on it.

Credit Card Pen Drive is a Pen Drive in Credit Card Shape. It is also popularly known as Visiting Card Pen Drive or Credit Card USB Flash Drive. This was the 5th Most Famous Corporate Gifts during February 2017. The shape and size of this Pen Drive resembles Credit Card, Visiting Card or ATM Card. Hence it is called as Credit Card Pen Drive. It is very famous Corporate Gift and also the Best Promotional Item for marketing. Credit Card Pen Drive is a data storage device that includes Flash memory with an integrated USB interface. Memory can be read through any Computer Device having any operating system - Windows or iOS. Memory Cards are easily re-writable and quite handy. Memory Card is in-built into the Credit Card Pen Drive. Memory card is available in various capacities like 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, etc. Depending on your need, you can pick up Credit Card Pen Drive with right memory capacity. Credit Card Pen Drive offers entire surface for branding. You can print your company logo or product logo. Credit Card Pen Drive offers a large space which is visible whenever the product is being used. Credit Card Pen Drive is digitally printed, just like your visiting cards, credit cards, Debit Cards or ATM cards. We can print all the colors in your Logo. This makes it beautiful product to promote your brand. Credit Card Pen Drive is very light in weight and small like a visiting card. It is very easy to carry around. It can fit in your pocket. You can keep it in your Wallet as well. Whenever you need to use it, you can just pull the ship out and it is ready for use. If you want to carry, fold the chip into card and that's it. Credit Card Pen Drive is very useful in your day to day life. It does not require any installation of software. It can be used in any computer in the world, with USB drive. You can just plug it in USB slot and it is ready to us. You can easily store your files and folders. You can copy, create, delete and amend your files easily. It is easily re-writable. This makes it a very useful Corporate Gift. Usually companies load its company presentation in Credit Card Pen Drive, before offering it to its Clients and Customers. Since it is quite useful, it ensures that your customers are using it frequently. This means that your branding is visible to them frequently, almost every day. It is a durable product, which ensures that your branding is visible for a very long time. It keeps on reminding your customers, about your products and services again and again. Presentation in the Credit Card Pen Drive will provide useful and handy information about your company, to your Clients. Hence it has all the qualities of a Best Promotional Product.

Upcoming Corporate Gifts

While we have looked at what was Popular last month, it is also important to see which gift have a better chance to come up in the list in future months.

With rains approaching in next few months, demand for Promotional Umbrellas / Corporate Umbrellas are expected to rise significantly. In India, we are approaching financial year closing towards end of March. April and May months are typically full of various corporate celebrations like

  • External Stakeholders (like Distributors) to celebrate the previous year’s success
  • Internal Employee recognition
  • Team meetings for target setting
In this season, we usually look for a Corporate Gift which is useful for the users, at the same time, it can also promote our brand. During this period, there is nothing better than Promotional Umbrella. This will be useful during monsoon season. Also it will promote your brand, not only to the user, but to external world as well. At the same time, it does not hit your pocket as well, as Corporate Umbrellas are typically available in low budgets.

Polo T Shirts are All Time favorite Corporate Gifts. As season of Corporate Events, meetings and celebrations are setting in, demand for Logo T-Shirts is going to increase substantially in subsequent months. Polo T Shirts are considered as casual wear by many companies. They allow their employees to wear Polo T Shirts during office time. Corporate T Shirts offer a great opportunity for companies to promote their brand with employees. It also keeps them engaging with your brand whenever they are wearing it. Polo T Shirts with Company Logo also promotes your brand externally, as your employees are going to wear it outside the office as well. During the team meetings, companies offer Polo T Shirts with Logo, to imbibe togetherness, since all of them will wear same color and design Polo T Shirts during the meeting. Polo T Shirts are very useful products. Since working population is becoming younger and younger, they prefer to wear Polo T-Shirts on many occasions. Whenever they wear this Company T Shirts with Logo, they will get connected to your brand and bring them to deliver more for your company. Employees will feel pride in every success of the company.

Now, You know the Gift Trends. We are sure that this will help to make up your mind, to pick up your next Corporate Gift. Since season of Conferences and exhibitions setting in, you will need to decide your Corporate Gift.

Please let us know your views on this article. Let us also know what do you prefer as your Corporate Gift to Employees and Clients. We would love to hear your thoughts.

All the views mentioned above are based on the database as well as practical experience of the author. Author is founder of Gift Desires, one of the renowned Corporate Gifting Companies in Mumbai.

Happy Gifting.

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